Jaak Johanson & Krista Citra Joonas

Jaak Johanson vocals, guitar, jaw harp
Krista Citra Joonas bansuri, tanpura

   A medley of Jaak’s songs, my flute melodies and our favourite pieces of music from around the globe. In short, everything near and dear to our hearts.

1. Jaak Johanson ja Krista Citra Joonas


Jaak Johanson vocals, guitar
Mart Johanson vocals, guitar
Ants Johanson vocals, bouzouki, concertina etc.
Kärt Johanson vocals, mandolin, guitar, tanpura
Krista Citra Joonas accompanying wind instruments

   The inwardly and honest songs of Johansonid have been important to me since youth. Somehow they have managed to verbalise the most important, yet elusive, matters of life. It is an honour to adorn it all with my flute warbles.

2. johansonid



Mai Agan bass guitar
Ain Agan guitar
Jaak Johanson vocals, guitar
Krista Citra Joonas bansuri, saxophone, tanpura

   We play the songs of Mai, Ain, Jaak and myself. This group came to be haphazardly. But we started to like it. And now we can’t get enough!

3. KokkukukkumineHomepage

Vind Project 3

Meelis Vind clarinets
Liis Viira harp
Arno Kalbus tabla drums and other percussion instruments
Krista Citra Joonas bansuri
Mari Targo, Mairit Mitt, Liina Źigurs, Andreas Lend string quartet

   One of those collectives that came together to perform Meelis Vind’s works of genius. As a composer, Meelis’s soundscape is one of a kind and authentic, not to mention he’s a brilliant musician.


Traditional Indian ragas

Krista Citra Joonas bansuri
Arno Kalbus tablas
Jaak Johanson tanpura

   We play traditional Indian music. Ancient Indian ragas are like a fountain of crystal clear water cradling the code of creation and transcending all times. Exotic, yet unmistakably familiar.